News: Two Wii U downloads go on sale across Europe [UPDATED]

little_infernoIn certain parts of Europe, it looks like you’ll be able to get your hands on Broken Rules’ Chasing Aurora and Tomorrow Corporation’s Little Inferno at discounted prices until 3rd and 4th of next month, respectively.

Whilst the fireplace-based puzzler from the World of Goo developer drops from €14.99 to €9.99, Broken Rules cuts its Wii U eShop launch title’s price in half, meaning that for a limited time, you’ll pay €5.99 rather than €11.99.

Sadly though, at the time of writing, these sales currently don’t apply to the UK – although, if you’re thinking of picking up one of these two titles, it’s possibly worth waiting until Thursday, when the eShop’s weekly content update goes live at around 2pm.

If you’re in any other European country, though, Broken Rules has confirmed that Chasing Aurora is now available through the Nintendo eShop at a discounted price:

“Is it Christmas already? @Chasing_Aurora is on sale in Europe. Go grab it for only 5,99 €!”

UPDATE: This week’s Nintendo download update has just arrived in our inbox, confirming that these two titles will indeed be discounted from Thursday in the UK. Stay tuned for this week’s full eShop line-up.

Source: Twitter, Wii Core


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