News: Six Mega Man games heading to 3DS Virtual Console throughout 2013

mega_manIt’s no Mega Man Legends 3, but in celebration of the Mega Man series’ 25th Anniversary, Capcom is re-releasing the original game via the Nintendo 3DS’s Virtual Console service on 27th December, as well as its five NES sequels throughout 2013.

No word’s been given regarding release dates for next year’s re-releases, or prices just yet, but keep an eye out on our weekly Nintendo download updates into the new year for more information as it arises.

Capcom’s also released a fan-made PC game, Street Fighter X Mega Man, which you can download here.

Happy Birthday, Mega Man!

Update: To clarify, this currently only applies to the North American eShop, although the original Mega Man game has been available in Europe since October. Whether Mega Man 2 – 5 will see the light of day in Europe next year remains to be seen.


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