News: Spector interested in creating Epic Mickey 3, other licensed Disney games

disney_epic_mickeyDespite both of Junction Point’s Disney Epic Mickey games – the Wii-exclusive original, and its multi-platform sequel, The Power of Two – receiving mixed reviews across the board, the studio’s outspoken designer, Warren Spector, has revealed that he’s certainly interested in developing a third game in the series; and would love to extend his work with the Disney license to create games based on other cartoon characters from the animation studio.

“I’d love to see the Disney Epic Mickey series continue – there are plenty of stories still to tell about Wasteland and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and Mickey Mouse! I’d love to see some Oswald games, where he’s on his own. He deserves a shot at solo stardom. Then there are the ‘duck’ games – Donald, Scrooge, etc – that are just waiting to be made. And a bunch of us at Junction Point have thoughts about Goofy and the Gremlins and a hundred others.”

Regarding where the series could go next, providing a sequel is commissioned, Spector said the following:

“Oh man, there are so many aspects of Disney’s history to draw from, we’ll never run out of material. There are all sorts of forgotten characters, concepts from films that were never made, rides that have been retired from the Parks or never built at all. We could map games for the next 80 years about Disney’s last 80.”

The question is, though, should Spector and his team be allowed to interfere with history by taking Disney’s ideas from the past and adapting them into the relatively modern medium of video games – especially considering that the studio’s failed to hit the nail on the head with its previous two attempts?

Source: Red Bull


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