News: WayForward open to adding new levels to Mighty Switch Force! on Wii U

mighty_switch_force_hdMighty Switch Force! Hyper Drive Edition on Wii U features the original 3DS game’s sixteen stages, the five Bonus levels that were added via a downloadable update, as well as another twenty-one Hyper challenges – which rehash the first game’s levels and turn up the difficulty a couple of notches.

Despite Hyper Drive Edition’s extra content, though, WayForward’s revealed, in an interview with Siliconera, that it’s happy to release new levels for the game at some point in the future, if it’s what fans want.

I asked Way if they plan to release any more levels for Hyper Drive Edition either as an update or paid downloadable content.

“You know it’s hard to say just yet. I mean we don’t have any plans, I should say that. Then again, we didn’t have any plans to add new levels for the first one. If it does well and people like it then yeah we’ll keep adding stuff.”

If you want even more Mighty Switch Force!, we recommend hopping onto its Miiverse community and making your wishes heard. It scored an impressive 8/10 in our review, so we certainly wouldn’t object!

Source: Siliconera


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