News: Trine 2’s headset and Pro Controller support is coming next week

trine_2_directors_cutAs we mentioned in our reviewTrine 2: Director’s Cut was a fantastic Wii U eShop launch title, featuring breathtaking visuals, some clever level design and superb use of the GamePad’s touchscreen.

That said, some features just weren’t ready in time for launch day, and are being added to the game via a downloadable update sometime next week; we presume on Thursday, alongside Nintendo’s weekly digital store update.

Speaking with Nintendo Life, Frozenbyte’s confirmed which new additions will make it into Trine 2: Director’s Cut in the near future:

“The update will include support for Wii U Pro Controller, Voice Chat for online multiplayer, some new languages (German vocals for example), improved graphics (more vivid/better black colours), some controller improvements, and some minor things.”

As you’ll know if you’ve played the game or read our 9/10 reviewTrine 2: Director’s Cut is already a fantastic game, and these new additions can only add to the overall quality. If you’ve already bought the game, do you appreciate this update; or if you’ve been holding off, has it made you reconsider?

The game is at a discounted launch price of £10.99 until the end of the year.

Source: Nintendo Life


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