News: Hydroventure, a Rayman demo and the final Guild01 title hit the eShop this week – full line-up

nintendo_eshopAnother week marks another set of new downloads heading to the Nintendo eShop, on both Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.

Although a demo of the Wii U-exclusive platformer was promised for the console’s launch day, Ubisoft is finally releasing a downloadable taster of Rayman Legends as this week’s sole new Wii U download.

Play three maps from the award-winning Rayman Legends with up to 5 players. Rayman Legends takes full advantage of the Wii U GamePad’s capabilities. Use the touch screen to take out enemies, manipulate platforms, cut ropes to clear a path and even use the gyroscope to rotate the world. In Castle Rock, jump to the beat of a drum, punch to the bass line, even zip-line during a guitar sustain in a special version of “Black Betty”. See if you have what it takes to be a platforming legend.

The 3DS meanwhile is treated to two brand-new, highly anticipated games this week. Nintendo’s sequel to the acclaimed WiiWare adventure, Hydroventure (£8.99), arrives on the handheld, whilst Crimson Shroud (£7.19) arrives in the handheld’s eShop as the third and final Guild01 localisation.

Prepare to have your world turned upside down! Hydroventure: Spin Cycle stars Eddy, a Water Spirit on an aquatic quest to save his friends who are trapped in a magic book. Through each story-themed stage, tilt your Nintendo 3DS system to slosh Eddy through the world; solving puzzles and defeating the evil Goop. Eddy can transform too. As a block of ice, he can stick to walls, while as a cloud he can summon lightning and rain.

A tribute to the table-top RPG genre, crucial decisions hinge on the roll of a die. You can roll dice in real time and chain skills together to earn bonus dice of greater face value. Use your dice strategically though, or your foes may yet get the best of you. Follow the tale of a young “Chaser” named Giauque, as he and his team find themselves drawn into the mystery of the Original Gift, the Crimson Shroud. A bold new adventure awaits.

Once again, Teyon’s back with another DSiWare title – this time Wizard Defenders (£1.79):

Once upon a time in the enchanted land of wizards and sorceresses, a battle began to brew. Hordes of dreadful monsters approached the kingdom and to save their home, brace magicians set out to war. Cast spells against monsters, perform combos and destroy them once and for all. Keep monsters as far as possible from your castle and smash all obstacles. This amazing blend of match-3 and defence will have you spell-bound for eternity.

Finally, in the absence of a new Wii Virtual Console title, the Nintendo 3DS’s retro service is celebrating the Metroid series, as the original NES game and its Game Boy sequel get slight discounts.

Metroid (NES – £4.49 £3.19)

Metroids – the most dangerous creatures in the galaxy – have fallen into the hands of Space Pirates. As bounty hunter Samus Aran, battle through the depths of planet Zebes to take out the pirates’ leader Mother Brain and restore peace to the galaxy. The original NES classic Metroid introduced gamers to a unique mix of action and exploration that has become the series’ trademark. Use Samus’s Morph Ball ability to search every nook and cranny, and uncover power-ups like the Ice Beam, Varia Suit and Screw Attack.

Metroid II: Return of Samus (£3.59 £2.69)

The Game Boy’s exclusive chapter in the Metroid series sees Samus Aran on a mission to rid planet SR388 of the Metroid menace. Battle through a sprawling underworld, seeking out every last Metroid, and build up your arsenal by discovering mysterious artefacts. Enjoy new abilities like the Spider Ball, and powerful new weapons like the Plasma Beam, as you eradicate the Metroids once and for all.



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