News: Fallblox and Virtue’s Last Reward Demo Are This Week’s Nintendo Download Highlights

This week’s Nintendo downloads have been confirmed, and it’s something of a return to form for the Nintendo eShop; with plenty of variety in software titles, including a sequel to what’s arguably the eShop’s best game to date.

As one of the 3DS’s most-anticipated titles this Christmas, Fallblox (£7.19 | €7.99) – the sequel to last year’s fantastic Pullblox – is making its debut in Europe this week. Click here for more information.

There’s another original 3DS download in the eShop this week, too: UFO Interactive’s Johnny Hotshot (£5.39 | €5.99). Despite launching in North America to less-than-good reviews, the developer claims that the game “is an arcade action unlike any other”, promising to let you “test your reaction skills in the Shooting Gallery, unleash justice upon bandits in the Saloon Shootout, and master the art of Lassoing bandits in Catch ‘Em All”.

You’ve played the first of two Nintendo presents: New Style Boutique (£39.99 | €44.99) demos, and now it’s time to go all-out and download the full game for forty of your hard-earned pounds when it launches at midnight this Friday.

If Fallblox isn’t your thing, there’s another sequel out this week. With the full game launching at retail on Friday, this Thursday’s Nintendo eShop update will bring us a free demo of Rising Star’s Virtue’s Last Reward; which is sure to give us a taster of its puzzles and moral choices.

While it’s not quite the Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge that’ll be launching in the Wii U’s eShop (and at retail) early next year, the NES original version of Ninja Gaiden (£4.49 | €4.99) is making its return via the Nintendo 3DS’s Virtual Console service this week. The game “sees Ryu travel to America to seek vengeance for his father’s murder, and uncover a plot that threatens the world – as told through unique anime-style cut scenes.”

And finally, Agetec’s Magical Whip (£1.79 | €1.99 | 200 Points) is arriving on Nintendo DSiWare, in which you must “defeat enemies and collect valuable items as you battle your way through the forest in this exciting action game, packed with 50 haunting stages”.

Shall you be splashing the… eShop credit this Thursday?


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