News: Fallblox’s Release Date Confirmed, More Information Revealed

Confirmed as the sequel to 2011’s fantastic Pullblox during a recent Nintendo Direct presentation, Intelligent Systems’ Fallblox was given a vague November release date by its publisher; but aside from its seemingly high difficulty levels and completely revamped gameplay mechanics, Nintendo had refrained from going into further detail.

Thankfully, the Japanese publisher’s now done just that, ahead of Fallblox’s European release on 15th November. Read on for the low-down:

Moving one block can have a drastic effect on all the others above it; if you push or pull a block in a way that leaves the blocks above unsupported, gravity will noe make them drop down until they hit something solid. Blocks can be moved sideways as well as forwards and backwards, so planning your moves carefully is the key to succeed! There is plenty of room to move blocks around, as the play field is now nine layers deep and also far wide than it was in Pullblox, but the option to rotate the camera around the Fallblox ensures you can always keep the overview.

Not all blocks you’ll encounter act in the same way – some have special properties that can be taken advantage of when solving each puzzle. Cloud blocks, for example, can be moved around like an regular block but don’t fall when left unsupported, meaning you can use them to prevent other blocks from dropping down. And there are more special blocks to discover…

On top of the game’s 230 stages and its level creator – which once again allows you to share your creations and download others’ via QR code – Nintendo’s confirmed that Fallblox will be following in Professor Layton’s footsteps in terms of downloadable puzzles from the developer:

Fallblox players can also receive 20 free, additional puzzles created by the game’s developers spread over a period of about 9 months from the launch of the game…

…So keep an eye on your SpotPass notifications post-launch.

Are you looking forward to Fallblox’s new challenges? If it’s anything like its predecessor, it’ll turn out to be another excellent showcase for the handheld’s capabilities, and yet again a stunning example of how to ‘do’ eShop games. Fingers crossed its difficulty doesn’t detract from its wide appeal.


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