News: A Sequel to Solatorobo: Red the Hunter Is On the Cards

Solatorobo: Red the Hunter was released on Nintendo DS last year as a somewhat under-appreciated action-RPG, in spite of its positive Metascore of 76. Not one to be put off by this, however, developer CyberConnect2’s boss Hiroshi Matsuyama has expressed his interest in developing a sequel.

Matsuyama has also confirmed that he’s begun work on this sequel’s story, although whether the game will actually come to fruition remains to be seen – and should it get the green light, there’s no word on when it will launch or on what platform.

It’d be hard to believe that a lack of publisher interest is holding this game back, as it was originally published by Namco Bandai in Japan, before being picked up by XSEED and Nintendo in North America and Europe respectively.

Would you like to see Red Savarin make a return on Nintendo 3DS?

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One thought on “News: A Sequel to Solatorobo: Red the Hunter Is On the Cards

  1. Hooray and hurrah! I thought Solatorobo (so very latorobo, I was saying all the time when I played it) was a good game that with a few quick fixes could have been a great game. More please!

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