News: DreamRift Designer Discusses Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion

Whilst DreamRift’s Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion is potentially on its way to becoming one of the most anticipated 3DS games this Christmas, information regarding the upcoming retro revival has, since E3, been rather sparse. That said, the game’s designer, Peter Ong, has spoken in an interview about the upcoming platformer, and revealed some interesting facts:

 “The character rescuing and quest system in the game involves a lot of optional choices the player can make. These choices influence the ending of the game. In fact, there are over twenty different endings to the game, and many more ways to influence how the Fortress will grow by the end.

“Many of the choices that you are presented with through the Fortress quest system involve moral choices. Each of the quests that the characters present to Mickey is based on that character’s individual storyline and motivations.

“Consequently, you will make choices such as whether to help out a villain character like Captain Hook, knowing that the character has previously plotted against you. It’s up to you to decide whether to help Captain Hook, based on how you feel about what that character has done in the past, and whether the player trusts the characters motives.”

You can check out the full interview here.

Source: Pocket Gamer


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