News: New Style Boutique Demo Heads Up This Week’s Nintendo Downloads

This week’s Nintendo downloads have been confirmed, and there’ll be a nice variety of software available to download from Nintendo’s digital stores this Thursday.

The first of two demos for the upcoming New Style Boutique, which will offer up a taster for the game’s Fashion Contest mode ahead of its full retail release next month, is the only first-party download this week. This demo “lets players participate in a fashion contest, create an outfit based on the contest theme, style their model’s hair and makeup and send her down the runway”.

On the original 3DS Download Software front, we have Monster Shooter (£6.29) from Gamelion and Samurai G (£1.79) from UFO Interactive. The former is a top-down shooter which promises to “give the experience of full monster mayhem to both casual players and alien exterminators alike” – whatever that means; whilst the US version of the latter is said to be worse than the same publisher’s Samurai Sword Destiny.

The only Virtual Console title to release this week is Konami’s Gradius (£4.49) on 3DS, in which you must “use your skills as a pilot and choose your weapons wisely, as you face off against waves of enemies and enormous bosses.”

And whilst the Nintendo eShop once again takes the limelight, DSiWare and WiiWare are still alive and kicking with one title per service this week: Circle Entertainment’s Come on! Dragons (£1.79 / 200 Nintendo DSi Points) is set for launch on Nintendo’s last-gen handheld, and “as the most skilled protector of the kingdom, you must strike back against the invaders with your mastered archery”. Meanwhile, Back To Nature (500 Wii Points) will release on the dying WiiWare platform courtesy of UFA Lab. “Help Gert the cockerel, Bla the donkey, Rosi the pig and Susi the sheep to help find their friend Tom the cat… They need your help and that of the bear, the master of the forest, to overcome many obstacles”. Interesting.

Finally, the penultimate weekly discount in the Nintendo eShop is Art of Balance TOUCH! (£6.30 £4.49) from Shin’en Multimedia. With its self-proclaimed “perfect touch controls and 200 levels”, it’s “easy to pick up and hard to put away.”

Shall you be taking the free New Style Boutique demo for a whirl, or taking advantage of this week’s time-limited offer? Let us know if you’ll be downloading anything from the Nintendo eShop this week.


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