News: A Brand-New Resident Evil Game Could Come to Wii U

Whilst the Wii’s line-up of exclusive Resident Evil titles stretch as far as The Darkside and Umbrella Chronicles (although even these were recently ported to PS3), Nintendo’s 3DS is no stranger to original games in Capcom’s long-running survival horror series; with spin-off The Mercenaries 3D arriving in the handheld’s launch window, before the fully-fledged, and rather brilliant, Revelations landed early this year.

In terms of Wii U, rather than porting the recently released Resident Evil 6 – as many have predicted – Capcom’s Koshi Nakanishi, who happens to be the director behind Revelations, has expressed his wishes to develop a brand-new entry in the series for Nintendo’s upcoming system:

“The Wii U certainly looks like it will enable creators to come up with all kinds of never-before-seen gameplay ideas. There are lots of things I’d like to try out on it.

“If I was to work on a game for the Wii U, I would definitely want to make something that couldn’t be done on any other hardware.

“The GamePad’s separate screen enables so many possibilities, and playing on a television screen would enable sharing the experience in a way that wasn’t possible on Nintendo 3DS. I feel it would let us create a very unique and fun Resident Evil game.”

It seems like Nakanishi would draw a lot of inspiration from ZombiU, should Capcom give the game a green light – from what you’ve heard of Ubisoft’s launch day horror title, which features would you like an upcoming Wii U Resident Evil game to ‘borrow’?

Source: Official Nintendo Magazine


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