News: Layton Heads Up This Week’s Nintendo Downloads

Whilst the Wii Shop Channel is once again without an update this week, the new Nintendo eShop downloads for 3DS are as strong as ever, with an assortment of download games, videos and add-on content.

First up is the debut 3DS game in Level-5’s beloved Layton series, with Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask launching on the eShop alongside a retail release this Friday; although you can pre-order the game on Amazon for £10 less than a download will set you back. If you’re within the first 5000 people to register this game on Club Nintendo, you’ll be rewarded with a classy-looking Layton-themed luggage tag.

Heavy Fire: Special Operations 3D also launches as a 3DS download this Thursday for £4.49, as a port of 2010’s two-dimensional WiiWare game. Teyon promises “an arcade-style shooter that sees you travel to the volatile Middle East, gear up and join an elite Special Forces unit”, with a trio of character classes, a variety of ground, vehicle and air-based stages, and upgradeable weapons.

On the Virtual Console is Tecmo Koei’s NES title Mighty Bomb Jack, which challenges you to “jump and glide through treacherous corridors and enemy-infested rooms” as you attempt to rescue the royal family from Belzebut the demon, who has them captured inside the Great Pyramid of Evil. This will cost £3.59 when it’s released on Thursday.

And for the artistic folk among us, two downloadable classes for New Art Academy will, for £1.79 each, teach you about Mixing Paints, and Pointilism & Textures.

If you’ve been looking for a downloadable golf game, this Thursday until next will offer the perfect opportunity for you to try out Gameloft’s Let’s Golf! 3D, which sees its price cut from £5.40 to a mere £1.79.

Finally, Breakthru Films is bringing a selection of seven short films to the eShop, priced at 89p each. This week’s new clips are entitled Fat Hamster, Little Postman, Magical Dance, Papa’s Boy, Scarecrow, Spirits of the Piano and Transormation.

Shall you be downloading anything this week?


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