News: Free Mutant Mudds DLC Leaping Onto the eShop Next Week

The free update which will add the PC’s Grannie Edition stages to the original Nintendo 3DS version of Mutant Mudds has been given a firm release date for Europe and North America.

Surprisingly, as the original game was released in Europe months after its American counterpart, us Europeans will get the chance to download the extra stages in just a week’s time, on 18th October; whilst Americans can expect the update to hit their virtual shelves a week after that, on 25th October.

If you’ve already bought the game, you’ll be able to download the additional Grannie levels from the ‘Available Updates’ section of the Nintendo eShop. If you haven’t (why not?), the extra stages will be included when you purchase the game for the usual £8.10.

You can scan the QR code above for 3D screens of the Grannie Edition stages in action.

Source: GoNintendo


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