News: Nintendo Japan Releasing Limited Edition 3DS XL Bundles

From November 1st through 15th, Nintendo of Japan will be releasing a trio of Nintendo 3DS XL systems designed to promote three of Nintendo’s biggest games for the handheld’s second Christmas on the market; with each bundle coming with a download code for the game its design is based on.

First up is an all-black, rather slick-looking 3DS XL, which Nintendo seem to think will be of interest to Japan’s huge Monster Hunter fanbase. This bundle is surprisingly 1,000 yen cheaper than the next two, perhaps due to its plain design.

The next bundles, costing Japanese gamers 22,800 yen a piece, include Animal Crossing: Jump Out and New Super Mario Bros. 2-themed 3DS XLs – with both featuring artwork on the handhelds’ outer shells.

Nintendo of Europe does have a Nintendo Direct presentation lined up for Thursday evening, although we have to admit that the likelihood of these bundles heading our way is very unlikely – especially as Monster Hunter Tri G’s release has been scrapped in Europe in favour of the Western-only Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, and Animal Crossing is due out early next year in our regions.

Source: Siliconera


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