News: Reggie Talks Wii U Online – ‘Don’t Worry About it’

Despite hearing the occasional mumble about the Wii U‘s Nintendo Network, Miiverse and Internet-browsing capabilities, Nintendo’s yet to go into specifics regarding what its upcoming console will truly be capable of when it launches in a mere two months’ time.

Whilst once again refraining from giving us further details, Reggie Fils-Aime has reassured us that the Wii U will be a fully competent system in the online department, with the help of a rather interesting analogy; but at the end of the day, we’re told not to worry.

“Wii U is going to have a robust online gaming experience. For you as a consumer wanting to play Call of Duty online, it’ll be there for you. You want to play Madden online? It’s going to be there for you.”

“From our perspective, we don’t see online as a huge differentiator. It’s like the air we breathe these days as gamers. So, for us, we’re going to give you tons of that air, don’t worry about it.”

Given the online presence the Wii’s had during the course of this generation, we’d say that gamers do have a right to worry. That said, if Nintendo do online ‘right’ with Wii U, alongside the system’s unique selling points, Nintendo could very well have a winner on its hands.

Source: IGN


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