News: Wii U Release Date and Bundles Confirmed For Europe

Nintendo has confirmed that its upcoming Wii U system will be releasing in Europe on 30th November – twelve days after its US release, and surprisingly well ahead of the Japanese launch on 8th December!

You’ll have three different bundles to choose from if you plan on getting your hands on the console at launch: the Basic Pack, which will include a white Wii U, GamePad, 8GB memory, a HDMI cable and two AC adapters – one for the console and one for the GamePad; the Premium Pack, which will boast a black console and GamePad, 32GB of memory, Nintendo Land as a pack-in title and three stands – GamePad charge and play stands, and a stand for keeping your Wii U system horizontally; and finally a limited edition ZombiU pack, which will include a copy of the game, a black Wii U, and a Wii Pro Controller.

Pre-order: Basic Pack – White | Premium Pack – Black | Nintendo Land | ZombiU


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