News: Metroid and Balloon Fight Join the All-Star Nintendo Land Line-Up

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Nintendo Land will undoubtedly be showcasing the Wii U‘s potential for asymmetrical multiplayer when it launches alongside the new console later this year, with twelve mini-games based on as many Nintendo franchises each looking to show off a different aspect of the Wii U’s GamePad.

Alongside the confirmed ZeldaDonkey KongAnimal CrossingF-Zero and Luigi’s Mansion mini-games that were revealed during Nintendo’s E3 presentation earlier this year, the latest issue of Game Informer magazine confirms a Metroid-based blaster, entitled Metroid Blast; in which the player with the GamePad controls Samus’ ship, whilst any Wii Remote and Nunchuk-holders are on-foot playing as Samus herself (and presumably a trio of clones), in an attempt to shoot down her rogue spaceship – not dissimilar to the Battle Quest tech demo Nintendo showed at E3 2011, we’re sure you’ll agree.

Surprisingly, the second Nintendo Land mini-game revealed in Game Informer is entitled Balloon Trip Breeze, which is apparently based on the NES game Balloon Fight – available on the Wii’s (and 3DS’s if you’re an early adopter) Virtual Console. Much like Donkey Kong’s Crash Course, this retro-inspired mini-game will be side-scrolling, yet will make use of the touch-screen to control your character using the wind. Seeing as it exclusively uses the GamePad, and the game will only be compatible with one of the new controllers at launch, Balloon Trip Breeze will be single-player-only, but the level(s) will be endless, challenging you to get the highest score amongst your friends – hopefully making use of the Nintendo Network and Miiverse.

Are you interested in playing mini-games based on Nintendo series past and present on Wii U, rather than ‘real life’ sports with the Wii’s killer app, Wii Sports?

Source: Game Informer, via Nintendo World Report


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