News: Ubisoft Wants To Challenge Gamers With ZombiU

ZombiU, Ubisoft’s upcoming Wii U exclusive, is clearly looking to become hardcore Wii U owners’ go-to launch title. If you’re one of said hardcore gamers looking to pick up Nintendo’s upcoming console on release, but were at all concerned about ZombiU’s difficulty, then don’t be.

Ubisoft Montpellier’s Nicolai Bouchai has discussed the upcoming first-person survival horror’s difficulty in an interview with NowGamer, and it’s good news:

“We really want to target and challenge the gamers with ZombiU because this game is very hard.

“So for example when you finish the game you will unlock a new mode called Survival Mode. You will have to finish the game with only one life and only one character.”

Sounds brutal. Maybe if you’re not the hardcore gamer described above, you’ll fare better with Rayman Legends.

Source: NowGamer

Be sure to check out our trailers page where you’ll find the latest ZombiU trailer from Gamescom.


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