News: New Super Mario Bros. 2 Download To Be Available From Midnight

In the past, all new additions to the Nintendo eShop have gone live at around 2pm each Thursday. If you’ve been looking forward to a certain digital release, you’ll probably be able to empathise with many gamers’ frustration in having to wait until the afternoon to get your hands on an anticipated 3DS or Virtual Console download.

Thankfully, an American Nintendo Newsletter has confirmed that the retail download of New Super Mario Bros. 2 (and presumably New Art Academy and FreakyForms Deluxe) will be available from the Nintendo eShop at midnight on the game’s release date, meaning you’ll be able to, if you’re a late sleeper, get your digital hands on a copy of the game hours before real shops open.

Is this another factor tempting you into downloading any upcoming first (and some third)-party 3DS and Wii U games, or are you determined to continue purchasing physical copies?

Pre-order a physical copy of New Super Mario Bros. 2.


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