News: Super Smash Bros. 4’s Character Roster Could Be ‘Narrowed’ – Sakurai

Smash Bros. artwork created and shared via Twitter by Sakurai himself

With the announcement that the upcoming Super Smash Bros. game for Wii U and 3DS is being co-developed by Namco Bandai, speculation and rumours regarding potential cameo appearances in the upcoming fighter have been making their way around the web – with even Namco’s Tales of series’ producer expressing his interest in having one of his characters show up in the game.

However, Sakurai has acknowledged the potential for new characters, and almost completely ruled out any possibility of a Namco-flavoured addition to the roster:

“I think Snake and Sonic joining were fantastic. It made many fans happy, and it broadened the Smash Bros arena. However, introducing more non-Nintendo characters willy-nilly will lose the focus of the game, so I also recognise the need to narrow it down.”

Are there any Brawl characters you’d like to see sit out of the next Nintendo family feud in favour of a familiar Namco face?

Source: IGN


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