News: More Mass Effect 3 Wii U Details Uncovered

Following the latest news regarding the Wii U version of Mass Effect 3, which was revealed during EA’s Summer Showcase last week, more tidbits of information have been revealed.

For starters, BioWare’s Melanie Faulkner has confirmed that the Wii U port of the game has been outsourced to an external developer:

“Well, we’re actually working with a third-party external developer who has a ton of Nintendo experience. We wanted to bring that to the platform as well, just so we had somebody who knew Nintendo really well.”

Secondly, it’s been confirmed that the Wii U GamePad’s touchscreen can be used in one of three ways: to display a map of the environment, to offer a real-time menu allowing you to control your characters’ attributes without pausing the game, or as the game screen in its entirety, meaning you’ll be able to play Mass Effect 3 on the controller whilst your family watches TV.

What do you think of these new additions? Can the Wii U play host to the superior version of Mass Effect 3 when it launches alongside the new system later this year?

Source: GotGame

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