News: Crash City Mayhem Coming to 3DS in the West

From Ghostlight, the publisher behind many a JRPG release in the West, comes a European localisation of the previously Japanese-only Runabout 3D: Drive Impossible – complete with the brand-new title, Crash City Mayhem.

Experience high-octane driving thrills in glorious 3D as Crash City Mayhem comes speeding on to the Nintendo 3DS! The more you destroy, the greater your rewards as you smash through city streets in a series of dangerous missions against an evil syndicate of terrorists.

Drive a huge variety of crazy vehicles including mopeds, supercars and tanks!

Drive anywhere – rooftops, sewers, inside buildings, rail tracks and more.

Unlock a stash of secret items and vehicle upgrades.

Dodge the cops in a wealth of missions incuding high-speed pursuits, rescuing hostages and planting bombs!

We can’t say that this has been the most sought-after localisation for 3DS, although it looks to fill a substantial gap, alongside Mario Kart 7, in the ‘driving’ section of the handheld’s library.


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