News: Ubisoft Looking Forward To The Next Generation

Ubisoft’s CEO and co-founder, Yves Guillemot, has gone on record via an interview with Gamasutra to express his views on the timings of the next console generation, and how he believes the end of a console cycle is “very difficult”:

“It’s a lot less risky for us to create new IPs and new products when we’re in the beginning of a new generation. Our customers are very open to new things. Our customers are reopening their minds – and they are really going after what’s best. At the end of a console generation, they want new stuff, but they don’t buy new stuff as much. They know their friends will play Call of Duty or Assassin’s Creed so they go for that. So the end of a cycle is very difficult.”

Regarding the Wii U, he also went on to discuss the Wii U, and how Nintendo is taking “lots of risks” with its upcoming system.

“I think they’ve created something good, if the customers used everything they have created, I think we can see a good success with that machine. That type of collaboration can be fun and also challenging at the same time. It’s something has never been done before. Those guys are taking lots of risks with the games they create – and they’re extremely successful.”

We already had a hint that Ubisoft will be a strong supporter of the Wii U – especially over its launch window – but it’s great to hear such positive words from the man in charge.

Source: Gamasutra


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