News: DLC For Mutant Mudds Incoming?

Jools Watsham of Renegade Kid has today confirmed that one of the 3DS’s finest games, Mutant Mudds, is being ported to PC under the alias Mutant Mudds: Grannie Edition. How does this affect owners of the 3DS game, though? It was also confirmed that the Grannie Edition will include an extra twenty levels which may well be on their way to the 3DS game via downloadable content.

The PC port’s press release reads as follows:

“In addition to the 40 challenging levels featured in the original Mutant Mudds, players who purchase this special ‘Grannie Edition’ on PC will be treated to 20 brand new levels!”

And then, when queried on Twitter, Renegade Kid’s Jools Watsham posted the following response:

“Many are asking if the 20 new levels in the special ‘Grannie Edition’ of Mudds coming to PC will make their way to the eShop. It’s possible.”

Great news for those of us who’ve cleared the standalone game and are looking for some extra longevity with the title. Whether these levels, should they make it to the Nintendo 3DS, will be free (much like Mighty Switch Force‘s DLC) remains to be seen, but surely more Mutant Mudds would be worth paying for?

Source:, Twitter


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