News: Mario Kart Trophies Arrive on Club Nintendo

If you’ve racked up 15,000 Club Nintendo stars from your recent Nintendo purchases, you can treat yourself to up to three miniature Mario Kart 7 trophies to coincide with the Britain’s Fastest Family tournament. At 5,000 Club Nintendo stars each, there’s Leaf, Shell and Special Cups available, all 12×9 – 12×10 in size.

Mario Kart 7 Trophy – Leaf

This sturdy brown trophy will blow away all your friends! With a large golden Super Leaf in the centre, it’s fetching as can be, and measuring around 12 x 10cm, it’s the perfect size for any shelf!

Mario Kart 7 Trophy – Shell

Impress your mates with this unique trophy, or offer it up as a prize when you race together! Wherever you decide to put it, everyone will be dazzled by the large, shiny Green Shell resting on top. It’s around 12 x 9cm in size and slim enough to be displayed anywhere.

Mario Kart 7 Trophy – Special

This trophy is sure to make you feel like a real winner! It’s glitzy, golden design, with red detail and large crown resting on top, will make you feel as smiley as the face that adorns it. Measuring approx. 12 x 10cm.

Please not that [these trophies are] miniature versions of any full-sized trophies offered in various nation Nintendo Mario Kart 7 competitions running across Europe.

Have these given you something to spend your stars on, or are you saving up for something a little more pricey?


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