News: 3D Magician Videos Coming to Nintendo eShop

If you’re enjoying Nintendo Video’s free 3D video clips, you may or may not be pleased to hear that a brand-new series of The Incredible Barbazan is coming to the Nintendo 3DS. That’s the good news, however. The bad, we’re sure you’re asking, is the six clips shall be released at a price of £1.35 each via the Nintendo eShop, with a free trailer landing on Nintendo Video in a week’s time to “whet your appetites”.

Starring a vaudeville magician called Barbazan and his trusty penguin assistant Fritz, The Incredible Barbazan follows the exploits of the failed magician as he tries to emulate his hero The Great Houdini. Unfortunately for Barbazan and Fritz his tricks and illusions very rarely go as planned and often endanger both the lives of the protagonists themselves and also their audience!

Developed using the popular stop-motion animation technique, each of the six available clips is available exclusively in 3D for the first time. The first episode launching on 12th July is entitles “The Cabinet of Fear” and sees Barbazan tackling a classic magic trick with disastrous consequences.

The first exclusive 3D episode of The Incredible Barbazan is available on the Nintendo eShop on July 12th and is priced at £1.35; a free trailer will become available via Nintendo Video on July 18th.

Shall you be splashing some eShop credit on the first of six 3D Barbazan clips, considering it’ll cost you £8.10 to download the full set?


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