News: Namco Wants Tank! Tank! Tank! To Use Wii U’s ‘Unique Functions In A New Way’


Tank! Tank! Tank!, Namco Bandai’s Wii U re-release of its arcade title of the same name, was revealed after Nintendo’s conference at E3 this year, and thus hasn’t seemed to have had the publicity as many other third-party Wii U games on show this year.

However, it seems the Wii U version of the game will become one to look out for when it releases in the console’s launch window, as its producer has revealed to IGN that the new game will include new content and, all being well, new ways to use the Wii U GamePad’s functions:

“We’ve added more tanks and weapons, and we’re going to add more maps and a new mode for solo players. We’re really keen to add a campaign mode so that you can still enjoy the group play from the original arcade version, if you’re on your own you can play through missions.

“The Wii U GamePad is a very unique device, and we are trying to use its unique functions in a new way. I think in the near future we’ll be able to release some information about how we want to use the Wii U GamePad, but for now we’re just using as monitor.”

Are you looking out for Namco’s multiplayer-centric Tank! Tank! Tank!? How would you like to see the GamePad implemented?

Source: IGN


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