News: European Pokémon Conquest Release is UK-Only

After what seemed like an age of waiting following the confirmation of a North American release of Pokémon Conquest, a European localisation of Tecmo Koei’s crossover title was finally revealed last month – or so we thought.

According to German website, the press release was misinterpreted as the game, outside of Japan and America, is only coming to the UK; the rest of Europe seemingly needing to import the game from an English-speaking country should they want to get their hands on the game when it launches on 27th July.

Here’s an extract from the translated article:

“We erroneously concluded that this appointment would refer to all of Europe. This is not the case, although the game in Japan, North America and even Australia is already available. Accordingly, it is also the German Nintendo customer service, the strategy crossover appears only in the United Kingdom. Accordingly, a publication in Germany was not planned.”

We’d presume that most of this article’s readers are English-speaking, so are you pleased to actually have the chance to get your hands on Pokémon Conquest?


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