News: Real Heroes: Firefighter 3D Coming to 3DS in September

Even if you’re the type of gamer who’s always craving more first-person action games for your console of choice, you may be surprised to hear of Reef Entertainment’s upcoming ‘first-person fire & rescue action’ game, Real Heroes: Firefighter 3D.

The game is set to launch across Europe on 12th September, will follow the story of a newly graduated academy cadet, whose job it is to use the tools of the trade, like the axe, hose and saw to battle raging blazes, tackle explosive environments and rescue survivors.


  • ‘Thinking Fire’ AI technology delivers a cunning enemy unlike anything gamers have faced before.
  • Utilise the myriad of control options on the Nintendo 3DS to bring Axes, Halligan bars, Hoses, Extinguishers, Rotary Saws and Hydraulic Spreaders to bare.
  • Players work with the team of Engine Company 13 advancing through a story driven campaign and making sure everyone gets out of each mission alive.
  • 3D game engine and cut-scenes deliver maximum immersion and excitement.
  • Real Heroes: Firefighter 3D will be available across Europe, September ’12.

It’s only a matter of months before we find out just how immersive and exciting the game really is – are you interested?


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