News: Nintendo 3DS Firmware Update Now Live

Half way there…

Nintendo has updated the 3DS’s firmware once more, improving the system’s stability, and improving the eShop’s safety. Whilst nothing as major as the likes of 3D video recording and an Internet browser that we’ve been treated to in the past, it’s reassuring to learn that Nintendo is constantly working to improve the handheld.

The main changes by updating to 4.2.0-9J [ in Europe]

  • Improving the safety of “Nintendo eShop”
    Such as adding a character types available in the password you set when you save your credit card information, we made efforts to improve safety and more.
  • Improve the convenience and stability of the system
    To enjoy more comfortable, we have improved the stability and convenience of the system.

The update does not download automatically via SpotPass, so follow our instructions if you’re unsure of the procedure:

  1. Open the ‘System Settings’ from the Home menu,
  2. Touch the ‘Other Settings’ icon,
  3. Scroll to the fourth page,
  4. Touch the ‘System Update’ icon,
  5. Touch ‘OK’ when asked whether you’d like to “Connect to the internet and update the system?”,
  6. Read the terms and conditions before pressing ‘I Accept’,
  7. Touch ‘OK’ after following the instructions on-screen,
  8. Wait for the system to connect to the internet and update.

Seeing as we’re on the subject of firmware updates, is there anything major you’d still like to see included via a downloadable update as we’ve seen in the past, or are you happy with the system you’ve got at current?


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