News: Nintendo Teams Up With The Royal Photographic Society to Offer 3D Photography Tips

Following Nintendo’s 3D photo competition which saw the winners ‘hanging out’ with celebrities such as The Saturdays and birdwatcher Bill Oddie, Nintendo has once again teamed up with The Royal Photographic Society once again to offer some new tips for capturing striking 3D images with your Nintendo 3DS.

The great thing about the camera is that you can see the results in real 3D as you go along. Magic!

You will find Nintendo 3DS is ideally suited for photographing quite close to subjects, as near as an arm’s length away. This is because its two outer cameras are close together, so you can get in really close.

When picking a subject to photograph, remember the Three Fs – Friends, Family and Furry things. These make idea 3D subjects.

It’s best to avoid photos of distant scenes unless you have people or other objects in the foreground, say a couple of metres away from where you are with your Nintendo 3DS would be ideal.

Action photos may result in blurry pictures because the shutter speed cannot be changed. It is fun to try them anyway, as the 3D effect can be quite spooky!

You can read the full guide over at where the professional photographer goes on to give more information on clutter in your photos, making good use of the 3D effect, and using the handheld’s built-in 3D image manipulation software.

Have you snapped any funky photos with your Nintendo 3DS? If we get enough pics sent to you may see yours featured on the site!


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