News: Wii U Will Have Plenty of Content and Features at Launch

One of the Wii U’s ‘entertainment functionalities’ that was revealed at E3.

One thing we all knew, Nintendo included, is that the 3DS didn’t get off to a spectacular start. Whether the high price point or the lack of triple-A launch titles were to blame can be debated, Nintendo is seemingly taking every precaution in terms of content to ensure the Wii U is of a ‘great value’ at launch.

“One of the problems with 3DS was content. When we launched we didn’t have the content we do now, or the functionality for download games either. We do have that now, and did get there a few months after launch.

“But with the Wii U, we had twenty-three games on show at E3, plus Netflix and Amazon and other services all hopefully for launch – it’s a great value proposition.” – David Yarnton

It would be great news if the content we’ve been promised is all available at launch, but should we be holding our collective breath after being forced to wait months for the eShop to arrive on Nintendo 3DS?

In terms of features built in to the upcoming console, there’s still plenty to be announced, also according to David Yarnton:

“There are so many functionalities that we actually haven’t announced yet as well. We’ve shown some things at E3, but we know there are others in development as well. Some of the other entertainment functionalities we didn’t show. Obviously, we talked a little about Miiverse as far as being able to socially communicate with your friends. But with a built-in camera and a screen and being online, there are a lot of areas there we haven’t explored and haven’t shown. So I think there’s a lot more that people will discover as time goes on.”

If this really is the case, which ‘entertainment functionalities’ would you like to see début on Wii U or make the jump across from other systems? Having the four video services which were revealed at E3 can only be a good sign for things to come, surely!

In another turn of events, Reggie Fils-Aime has confirmed that third-party games which didn’t appear on Wii in favour of other, HD platforms will indeed grace Nintendo’s upcoming platform:

“I know people who are playing Smash Bros. Brawl competitively today. They’re playing hours on that game. People are playing hours on New Super Mario Bros.

“What I’ll tell you is that with the Wii we did not have the benefit of multi-platform games from key publishers. I didn’t have The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. I didn’t have the best of the Call of Duty games. That’s what I missed.

“With the Wii U’s graphics capability, processing power and HD-output, we’ll get those games. That’s a huge competitive advantage versus where we were with Wii.”

Let’s hope that said key publishers agree with Reggie – there’s been a lot of fantastic games released for other platforms that exclusive Wii owners may have missed out on.

What do you think of this news, then? Has it piqued your interest in the console, or are you waiting to hear of more software from third-parties?


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