News: Wii Virtual Console Downloads Transferable to Wii U from Day One [Updated]

Update: The Wii U’s hardware designer has confirmed that all data from your current Wii console is transferable to your shiny new Wii U system – including WiiWare and Virtual Console games, and all of your precious save files.

“We are readying the system, yes, to transfer saves and everything you’ve bought.” – Katsuya Eguchi, designer and manager at Nintendo EAD.

Whereas 3DS owners were forced to wait for months for a firmware update which added the ability to move DSiWare games across from the DSi to the new 3D handheld, games downloaded from the Wii’s Virtual Console service will be transferable to the Wii U from launch date.

While the transfer method has yet to be confirmed, you’ll definitely be able to play your previously-downloaded retro classics on your Wii U GamePad’s screen when the new system launches before the end of the year.

Great news for those of you that have spent a lot of Wii Points on the Wii Shop Channel! Are you looking forward to seeing how the 8 and 16-bit classics shape up on the GamePad’s high resolution screen?

Source: ABC News


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