Feature: Pre-E3 Wii U Rumour Round-Up

As per usual for this time of year, there’s been a lot of rumours floating around the Internet ahead of E3 which is set to take place from 5-7th June; so to save you the hassle of scouring the ‘net for every tidbit of leaked information, we’ve gathered it all up and placed it right here for your convenience.

Wii U Rumour Round-Up

Release date, price – As you can read in our own article, an ‘insider’ who claims to work for Ubisoft has revealed the release date and price of the Wii U, as well as some new information regarding its system, operating system, controller and more.

“According to an insider who claims to work for Ubisoft, the Wii U is launching in America on 23 November with a price tag allegedly sitting somewhere between the $350-$450 mark. However, as Nintendo shan’t be confirming these details to the public until after E3 in two weeks’ time, it’s unlikely that this information would have been passed to third-party publishers.” – Nintendo Invader

Achievement system – After speaking with an anonymous developer, Techtroid has reported that Nintendo are indeed going to implement an achievement system with the Wii U, although it will apparently be different to what we’ve seen on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

“The developer stated that the ‘achievements system’ has its own “Nintendo-spin” that makes it quite unlike the Trophies and Gamerscores we all know so well. They added that it will be a system that tracks gamer-time, scores and more.” – Techtroid

Cloud saves – According to Wii U Daily, the Nintendo Network is set to receive 512Mb of free online storage for Wii U save files thanks to Mozy, a cloud and backup storage specialist.

“A source from Mozy tells Wii U Daily that the company was approached by Nintendo in 2010, but that work on the service began in late 2011. The Wii U cloud will be integrated into the Wii U channels and tied to the specific Wii U user account.” – Wii U Daily

Star Fox – Another rumour from Techtroid says that a brand-new Star Fox game is in development for the Wii U by Retro Studios, and set to be revealed at E3.

“An inside source […] has suggested that we may be seeing a Star Fox reveal at E3 this year, along with the already announced Pikmin and Mario games.

“The new title is believed to be developed by Retro Studios, who we know for a fact are working on a Wii U game.

“Retro has previously said: “It’s a project everyone wants us to do.”

“The source added that the game will be shown off, but will not be a launch game for the Wii U system.” – Techtroid

Metroid – An extremely far-fetched rumour, this: a brand-new Metroid game is in development for Wii U – so far, so believable. What would make for an astounding E3 reveal, however, is that the title is being co-developed between Retro Studios and… (wait for it) Epic Games, with the game running on the Unreal Engine 3.

“The first and most interesting rumor is that a Metroid which is currently in development for Wii and U in the hands of Epic Games. The studio famous for its Gears of War but especially its Unreal Engine 3, is the cause of the tech demo… This impressive tech demo was developed in cooperation with Retro Studios with an improved version of Unreal Engine 3.” – Nintendo Town (via Google Translate)

Final Fantasy XV – What was the PlayStation 3-exclusive Final Fantasy Versus XIII is allegedly now Final  Fantasy XV, and also heading to the Wii U. That’s according to Cinemablend who uncovered the following footage:

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 – Nintendo Power have already confirmed that Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate is coming to the 3DS, but rumour has it that a direct sequel to 2010’s Lords of Shadow is heading to home consoles, including Wii U.

“Apparently a Wii U version [of Mirror of Fate], which interacted with the 3DS version, was in the works before Konami ditched it in favour of a Wii U version of Lords of Shadow 2.

“Wii U owners will have to settle for a “safer” port of Lords of Shadow 2, which could retain some of the planned connectivity with Mirror of Fate. Both games are being made by Spanish developer MercurySteam and will be unveiled at E3 next month.” – Eurogamer

MMO from LucasArts – A floor plan for this year’s E3 has seemingly revealed that LucasArts are bringing a MMO game to the Wii U. Developers in the past have claimed that the Wii U will be a great platform for MMOs, and more recently, LucasArts have confirmed that they have an unannounced title set to be revealed at E3.

“Most interesting regarding LucasArts is that it’s listed under “MMO – Nintendo Wii U.” – NeoGAF

“Wouldn’t it be great if LucasArts finally revealed Battlefront 3? Now I’m not saying that will, but when you get an invitation to come see an “unannounced game in development,” you can’t help but be optimistic.” – EGMNow

As you can see, there seems to be a lot of buzz surrounding the Wii U online at the moment. Are you as hyped for the console’s full E3 reveal as many others are? Which of the above rumours do you think have the most substance behind them, or which would you like to be true? Do you think we’ll hear any of these rumours confirmed during the Nintendo Direct presentation tonight?


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