News: Wii U Game Cases Revealed by Maximum Games?

Earlier this week we brought you news that Maximum Games is bringing its Jett Tailfin series to 3DS and Wii U ahead of a full reveal at E3. Now, on Maximum Games’ official website, the boxart for both versions of the game has been revealed, possibly simultaneously revealing the standard case template for all Wii U games in the future.

As you can see in the image to the left, Maximum Games’ interpretation of Wii U games’ cases is near-identical to those of Wii games before it, with the obvious addition of the ‘U’ to the logo. However, as the spines of 3DS games now show the Nintendo 3DS logo, an icon and the title of the game packaged within, and the publisher’s logo, it’s likely that Maximum Games has simply used this image as a placeholder until the Wii U’s presumably more detailed game cases are officially revealed by Nintendo.


3 thoughts on “News: Wii U Game Cases Revealed by Maximum Games?

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