News: No Metro: Last Light for Wii U?

Despite THQ confirming a Wii U version of its sequel to Metro 2033 during E3 last year, THQ’s global brand manager has informed Digital Spy that 4A Games, Last Light‘s developer, is not working on a Wii U specific version, and a port only “could” happen at this moment in time.

“Not at the moment, it’s not in development. No I don’t think it was a bit too early [to show the game at E3].

“We just really wanted to focus on what we knew, focus on PS3, 360 and PC.

“The verdict is out on what we can do to maximise the code for the Wii U, and we’ll see [what happens].”

Sad news for those hoping to get their hands on what looks to be one of the biggest games to release early next year, although there’s still a small chance we’ll see a Wii U release.

Were you looking forward to playing the game on the Wii U? Do you think THQ should work on a Nintendo-specific version which utilises the new controller?

Source: DigitalSpy


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