News: Samurai Warriors Chronicles Sequel Announced

Tecmo Koei’s sole 3DS launch title, Samurai Warriors Chronicles, is set to receive a sequel in Japan on September 13th. While a European or American release hasn’t been confirmed, it does look to be an improvement over its predecessor, so maybe it’s one to look out for if you enjoyed the 3DS’s first hack-and-slash game.

According to AdriasangSamurai Warriors Chronicles 2nd will include the following features and improvements:

  • “Main “Musou Enbu” mode will have branching scenarios which allow players to decide what path to take.”
  • “Players will be shown a story flow chart, allowing them to plan a course to multiple endings.”
  • “The mission-based mode supports local multiplayer play, and internet rankings.”
  • “The game will also have new generals… mentions an additional female general.”

Did you enjoy the original Samurai Warriors Chronicles? From what you’ve heard of its sequel, are you hoping for a Western release?

Source: Adriasang


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