News: Full Mario Tennis Open Character Roster Revealed

If you’d care to think back to the release of Mario Kart 7 on 3DS last year, you may remember something of an uproar from fans of the series when recurring characters such as Waluigi and Diddy Kong were absent from the roster in favour of ‘newcomers’ Metal Mario, Shy Guy and so on.

However, from Mario Tennis Open‘s confirmed character roster, it seems that Nintendo and Camelot are sticking with Baby characters rather than attempting to give a Wiggler arms and a tennis racket.

Here’s the full roster (including unlockables, so avoid if you want a surprise when you buy the game) and each character’s speciality:

Mario – All-around
Luigi – All-around
Peach – Technique
Daisy – Technique
Yoshi – Speed
Bowser – Power
Donkey Kong – Power
Diddy Kong – Speed
Wario – Power
Waluigi – Defense
Bowser Jr. – Tricky
Boo – Tricky
Baby Mario – Speed
Baby Peach – Tricky
Luma – Technique
Dry Bowser –  Defense

What do you think? Better or worse than Mario Kart 7‘s line-up?


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