News: Mutant Mudds Sequel “Will Happen”

Mutant Mudds was released on the North American Nintendo eShop earlier this year, while European gamers are still waiting for the acclaimed retro-styled platformer to get a release outside of the United States. However, in an interview with Nintendo Enthusiast, Jools Watsham from Renegade Kid has already confirmed that a sequel has been considered, and go into development at some point in the future.

Nintendo Enthusiast: Well, now that you mention it, congratulations on Mutant Mudds both commercially and critically. Will we see a sequel one day? How will you top the original?
Jools Watsham: Thank you very much. Yes, a sequel will happen one day. I must keep the details secret for now. Sorry.

Maybe he’ll be able to give more information after Renegade Kid’s released its other upcoming 3DS titles Planet Crashers 3DBomb Monkey, and ATV Wild Ride 3D.

Are you still waiting for Mutant Mudds to arrive on the European eShop? Do you plan on downloading it?


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