News: New Mario Tennis Open Features Revealed by Nintendo

With Mario Tennis Open‘s release now only a matter of days away, Nintendo have revealed more of the game’s bonus features, including Ink Showdown and StreetPass, following the announcement of online multiplayer, leaderboards and customisable characters during last month’s Nintendo Direct presentation.

Here’s Nintendo’s list of confirmed game modes for the game so far:

  • Online Play: Mario Tennis Open players can compete and cooperate in local wireless matches with their opponents and play exhilarating games. Players can also build up their Open Match standings, check the monthly leaderboard and win Victory Medals from every challenger they defeat.
  • Ink Showdown: In this fast-paced competition, Piranha Plants spit ink balls from the back edge of the court. Players must destroy the ink balls before they splatter, while hitting tennis balls away from an opponent.
  • StreetPass Features: Players can inspire friendly competition by using the Nintendo 3DS system’s StreetPass features. They can engage in competitive StreetPass Matches or cooperative Ring Shot challenges with computer-controlled version of people they encounter and share their StreetPass winning streak. StreetPass can also be used to show off players’ Mii characters, which can be customised with new outfits and accessories that can improve their on-court performance. As users play, new items for their Mii will be unlocked in the Item Shop.
  • Unlockable Characters: New and familiar Nintendo characters can be unlocked – some through game play, others via special QR Codes. Unlockable characters include Luma, Baby Mario and Dry Bowser.

Are you interested in Mario Tennis Open? Do you think the lack of an RPG mode is made up for by the additional features the 3DS version brings to the table?


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