News: Nintendo Video App Coming to the Nintendo 3DS

If you’ll take a second to think back to E3 2010, you may recall Iwata speaking of Eurosport 3D and Sky 3D videos becoming available on the Nintendo 3DS. Over a year later and there’s still no sign of these services. What we do have coming up, however, while not three-dimensional sport videos, is a new application called Nintendo Video.

eShopStarting tomorrow (13 July), you’ll be able to download the application from the Nintendo eShop free of charge. You’ll then be able to access 3D clips of Oscar’s Oasis as well as clips from 3DS-exclusive series, Magic Tricks. A variety of new videos, ranging from movie trailers to classical music concerts, will then be added to the service regularly, ready to be downloaded automatically via SpotPass or downloaded manually through the application as you see fit.

Shall you be downloading the Nintendo Video application tomorrow? Would you rather have this service or Sky/Eurosport 3D? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter, where we can be found here.


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