News: Nyko to Double Nintendo 3DS Battery Life at Launch

Today in Los Angeles, developer and manufacturer of innovative third party console accessories, Nyko Technologies announced their latest addition in their line-up of quality peripherals: the Power Pak+, which is basically a battery replacement for your Nintendo 3DS system, yet one which is claimed to have double the capacity and battery life of the one which will come pre-installed in your brand new console.

Chris Arbogast, the director of marketing for Nyko Technologies, had the following to say about their new product:

Every new console or game system launch is an opportunity for us to find ways to improve the user’s experience with the device through innovative technology. We are proud to be able to bring our robust knowledge of charging technology to the 3DS user base by providing users the ability to substantially increase their play time.

Nyoko Power Pak+

Nyoko Power Pak+

While this will launch alongside the Nintendo 3DS console, their less-impressive Charge Base will become available shortly after the consoles launch. This is more-or-less a clone of the first-party charging cradle which comes bundled with the 3DS console itself, and while it features LED indicator lights that let you know when your battery is charging and when it has finished, the console also  has LEDs which indicate the same thing; so is it really worth the RRP of $29.99?

Let us know if you’re interested in the Power Pak+ or the Charge Base by commenting below, or on our social networking sites.


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